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I got interested in Intarsia about 1987 or so when I was reading an article in Wood Magazine about a young lady who lived in Lufkin, Texas and she did this type of hobby. Being a creative type of person and one who likes to do shop-type work, it looked like a form of hobby that one could use imagination and ingenuity to create pieces of art. Intarsia allows you to create most any subject you can imagine. From wild west scenes, characatures of animals, people, landscapes, etc., you can create some beautiful pieces of art.

I was a professional truck driver back in 87' and I retired in 05' after driving a big truck for over 35 years or so. I always looked forward to having a hobby that I would enjoy doing. And more than that, I love making these projects for other people to enjoy too. Many have taken some of my works home with them through the years. I used to live in the Memphis, TN. area and I have many projects on display in churches and at the Memphis Zoo in the Discovery Center. Some of the animals there are too large to bring into the classrooms they have for kids so they use my projects to talk to them about the animals and afterwards, take them outside to see the actual animals. If you are ever there, be sure to look for the Elephant, the Lion, the Black Rhino, the Tiger, the Raccoon, the Panther and others.

Today, I live just north of Chattanooga, TN. in a town called Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. I am always making new projects and if any of you are interested in any of them you see on my web site, you can contact me at Artcaptain@yahoo.com/ and I would enjoy telling you all about them.

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